Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunrise Country Store

0815091540 Sunrise Grocery and Country Store

Sunrise Grocery and Country Store is like a jolt back in time.  When you first pull up, you are welcomed onto the porch by some of the freshest produce I have seen.  If you’re more of a Davy Crocket type, they also sell raccoon skin hats.  When you walk in, you will see that they do not run low on food products.  I swear this place has everything. 

One of my favorite things to get are their homemade fried pies.  Each day Mercier Orchards, located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, delivers fresh fried pies.  They have fresh apple, peach, and blueberry.  I can’t go without one of these (or two or three) when we are in the area.  If you find yourself in Blairsville, GA, you won’t be able to live with yourself if you pass up the opportunity to get one of these hearty fruit-filled pies. 


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