Saturday, August 15, 2009

Issues With Highway Pegs

pegs1 So I got these really cool highway pegs from Kuryakyn to give myself another position to ride in on long trips (and they look cool). Got them mounted, adjusted, and ready to ride. Not quite as comfortable as I’d hoped, but still, they looked cool.

Enter the Dragon. As you may know, I rode up to the Tail of the Dragon on the 6th, and commenced to attacking the 318 curves that constitute my favorite 11 mile stretch of road. I laid the bike over into a curve, looking for that familiar sound of the pegs grinding against the asphalt, which I found, but suddenly I was feeling a much deeper grinding and the back tire lifting up.

pegs2It seems the mounts for the highway pegs had increased the width of my low-slung VTX at its lowest point by 2 inches on each side. Being an avid peg grinder, this had me concerned because, although I could scrape the foot pegs before I scraped the mounts, there was too small of a margin of error for me to feel comfortable with.

The solution? Well, I’m working on that. My first attempt is to simply adjust the pegs forward, therefore raising the rear of the mount by about an eight of an inch. We’ll see how that translates this weekend, as soon as I get up to the mountains where the true peg grinding opportunities lie.

I’ll let you know if it works, or if I will have to take more drastic measures.

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