Monday, September 7, 2009

Bar B Cue Center – Lexington, NC


Bar B Cue Center – Lexington, NC

I took advantage of the 3 day Labor Day weekend and headed out to my father’s place near Greensboro, NC. He has a VTX 1300S model (mine is the C model), so we took off riding into Lexington, rumored to be the barbecue capitol of the country and the home of the vinegar based Lexington style barbecue. After some GPS confusion, we settled on Bar B Cue Center.

This is the first barbecue place I’ve seen with curb service, but we decided that eating on the motorcycles was probably not very convenient, and headed inside. The dining room was quite full with what looked to be locals (usually a good sign). I soon noticed another interesting twist: the restrooms were basically single stall sized, and the sink was shared between the women and men.

The restroom configuration was not the only new experience for me, as this was the first barbecue place I had ever been to that did not serve Brunswick stew. They also use “red slaw” on their sandwich. We tried “coarse chopped”, which basically means 4-5 giant chunks of meat on the bun. It was an interesting sandwich, not unpleasant, but certainly not what I am used to. The sweet tea was excellent, while the fries were rather weak.

There are some rather cutesy elements to Bar B Cue Center, but I don’t think I can give it a full endorsement. It was not the best barbecue, by a long shot, but I got to ride with my father again, so it was still a great day.



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Bar B cue Center
900 N Main St
Lexington, NC 27292
(336) 248-4633


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