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Harold’s Barbecue – Atlanta, GA


Harold’s Barbecue – Atlanta, GA

On the south side of Atlanta, in a shady part of town, where the neighborhood is run down and the prison looms nearby, sits an old barbecue house that has been there since the dawn of time. It’s called Harold’s Barbecue.

It’s not very clean, it’s not very pretty, but they have great barbecue sandwiches and a Brunswick stew that tastes just like my Grandmother’s. Really. It does. Wow.

The front dining area is next to the pit, which seems to coat everything with smoke residue. The window has not been cleaned since the Falcons wore red helmets and the window AC units are covered in residue from the pit. We had to battle a few flies that seemed as interested in the food as we were.

The food is great, if you avoid the dry cornbread and the bland slaw. Sweet tea at Harold’s is near perfect, just a tiny bit weak. The sandwich is served on regular toast and has a wonderful smoky flavor and a sauce that is just spicy enough. The fries were cooked perfectly, just barely browned and crispy. However, the real attraction is the stew. Their Brunswick is among the best I’ve tried. Like I said, it really tastes just like my Grandmother’s, and her stew was the main thing I looked forward to at family reunions as a kid.

If you can suck it up and get past the less than pristine ambience, the stew and sandwich are worth it. We recommend you try them both.

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Harold’s Barbecue
171 McDonough Blvd SE
Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 627-9268


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