Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy D’z – Atlanta, GA


Daddy D’z – Atlanta, GA

We started out the day headed to the first annual Atlanta Barbecue Festival, being held in the parking lots around Turner Field. When we got there at 1:15pm, many of the booths had already run out of food, and the few remaining ones had lines 30-40 people deep. It appears that they severely underestimated the popularity of the event. We were very hungry and feeling a bit impatient, so we decided to head over to Daddy D’z on Memorial Drive, just a few blocks from the stadium.

I am glad we did! Like Fat Matt’s, Daddy D’z serves a nice collection of beers, so I settled in with a nice Sweetwater 420 pale ale and awaited our typical order. Jennifer had the sweet tea, and I wish I had. It is probably the best I’ve tried. The sandwich was great, too, Texas style on Texas toast. The baked beans were a bit generic, but still quite tasty. The slaw was very good. The Brunswick stew was very good, but just missed a 5, being a bit salty.

Overall, Daddy D’z gets 2 thumbs up, and only because I only have 2 thumbs.





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Daddy D’z
264 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30312-2139
(404) 222-0206

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