Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maddy’s BBQ – Decatur, GA


0926091306Maddy’s BBQ – Decatur, GA

We’ve ridden past Maddy’s many times, but never had the opportunity to stop in and try it. A fellow rider told me that Maddy’s was an offshoot of Fat Matt’s, one of our favorites, so we finally checked it out.

The connection to Fat Matt’s was readily apparent, from the blues memorabilia to the live music. Maddy’s is a bit larger, however, and not nearly as tight of a fit.

I had the usual chopped pork and stew, and Jennifer had the chicken. Both sandwiches tasted like Fat Matt’s, but with a bit sweeter sauce. The stew was identical to Fat Matt’s, which is still on the favorites list. The tea was excellent, as well.

Overall, Maddy’s gets a high recommendation from us. It’s as good as Matt’s, but more comfortable. I do wish they’d fix their parking lot, though. I bottomed out the VTX crossing the speed breaker.

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Maddy’s BBQ

1479 Scott Blvd
Decatur, GA 30030-1425

(404) 377-0301


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  1. Mmmmm if it's like Fat Matt's, it's got to be good...

    When are you going to come up here and try Bub-Ba-Q with me? :)